"Инженерно-физический журнал"
Издается в АНК "Институт тепло- и массообмена им. А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси"
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UDC 621.373

O. V. Achasov, S. A. Labuda, and O. G. Penyazkov


With the recent energetic problems, a need arises for a propulsion 
concept that is less expensive but offers higher performance than 
propulsion systems currently in use. The Pulse Detonation Engine (PDE) 
offers a possible solution. PDEs employ an air-breathing, constant
-volume process, marked by high pressure and temperatures. These are 
conditions with higher power densities than conventional engines [1]. 
Therefore investigation of the different stages of the PDE working cycle, 
and the detonation initiation process in particular, is of great importance. 
The gasdynamic initiation is very attractive because it does not require 
additional energy sources.

Academic Scientific Complex
"A. V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer
Institute of the Academy of Sciences
of Belarus," Minsk, Belarus

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